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Are Pacifica products vegan and cruelty free?

We are, and always have been 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It's who we are, and have been from the beginning, over 20 years. We are PETA Certified and do not use animal products, bi-products or condone any testing on animals anywhere in any country.

Where are Pacifica products made?

Most of our products are made in the USA using the best globally sourced ingredients. That said, there are a few exceptions. The country of origin is marked on the packaging of the products. All facilities we work with meet our high standards.

What is Pacifica's parent company?

We are not owned by a parent company and still run with the passion of our original founder and her vision!

Are the Pacifica suncare products reef safe?

We are getting a lot of questions about the term “Reef Safe” and asking if our products fit into this definition. Currently, it is generally accepted that the products that make “Reef Safe” claims are free of the two biggest reef damaging chemicals: